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Interior / Still life

From the very beginning of my career as an artist, paintings of the interior and still life have been dominant themes throughout. Many artists love nature. But for me, man-made interiors offer endless variations having to do with mood and metaphor. The evocation of that mood coming in the form of natural light coming from windows and falling on subjects within, or incandescent light from lamps. All used in service as a metaphor for contemplation, stillness, and the exploration of beauty. I strive to portray a sense of the 'energy' of light as it plays hedonistically across the interior..... bouncing, reflecting, defining.


For a while, during the  mid 90's, I was painting large complex interiors that most often included the Bart Simpson doll somewhere in the composition as a nod to, and remembrance of my late partner. The doll was a christmas gift  he gave to me one year as we both loved the show. It remains a prized possession to this day.

Can you find the 10 paintings in the selection below that include Bart?

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